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Pandora Hearts Reference 008:

The Abyss is like a darker version of Wonderland

Anonymous whispered: If you rearrange the letters in the name 'Lacie' you end up with the name 'Alice'. And Alice is Lacie's daughter.

Thank you, but this isn’t really a reference between PH and AIW :/ I feel retarded that I never noticed it hahhaha thanks anyway :)

Pandora Hearts Reference 007: (Requested by Anon)

"Ada" was the name of one of Alice’s friends which she mentions in chapter 2 of Alice in Wonderland

Pandora Hearts Reference 006:

Alice and Oz don’t really know who they are and doubt themseleves much like Alice does when she meets the caterpillar

"Explain yourself"

"I can’t explain myself I’m afraid sir, because I’ not myself you see"

Pandora Hearts Reference 005:

The two Alices represent the Red and White Queens.

Anonymous whispered: In Alice in Wonderland, Alice mentions the name "Ada" as one of the children she knew that were the same age as herself. (By the way, this is a wonderful blog! I just found it, but I think this will turn out to be one of my favorites.)

Thank you, I’ll make it into a ref asap :)

And thank you, i’ve had the idea for a few months but only got round to setting it up a few days ago. (it’s amazing how many people are reblogging stuff tbh) 

Pandora Hearts Reference 004:

Alice had three cats called Dinah, Snowdrop and Kitty. Ada’s cats have the same names.

Pandora Hearts Reference 002:

The extras books are named after the Caucus race that occurs in chapter 3 of Alice in Wonderland. In this chapter all the animals run around in circles until the dodo says they are all winners and Alice hands out prizes.

Pandora Hearts Reference 001:

The school which Elliot, Leo and Ada attend is called “Lutwidge Academy” which refers to Lewis Carroll’s real name which was “Charles Lutwidge Dodgson”. Carroll chose to go by a pen name because he thought people would find it odd that he wrote mathematics books as well as fictional books and poems.

Pandora Hearts Reference 003:

"Lacie" was the name of one of the sisters in the story the dormouse told Alice in Chapter 7 of "Alice in Wonderland"